Large or Small, Make it Strong

All of us have a circle of people that we can count on, a group of people to help us when we can’t do something ourselves. Many times these are family members or neighbors. They are the people who we can call and know that they will be there to get you through any hurdle or difficulty.

In business, we have our circles too… How can we make those connections stronger?

strong group of peopleIt’s been said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Now, imagine being the average of 20, 30, or 100 people! When you have a strong circle of professionals that you can rely on to increase your standings, then you become that trusted source; and when you’re trusted, people automatically want to join your circle.

Trying to increase your circle is like solving a problem. Take a birds-eye look and ask if YOU are being the best you can be for your circle. Are you there when called upon? Do you answer texts, voicemails, and emails promptly? Remember, when you need help, don’t you want it quickly? The more supportive you are to the circle, the more the circle will respond to you. If someone is looking at their circle, you don’t want to be the one bringing the average down.

Take a hard look at yourself and your capabilities. Seek out the professionals that fill in the blank spaces with the services that you don’t provide. Many of these people become vital referral partners, as each will play off each other’s shortcomings. A real estate agent will always have a mortgage and insurance persons in their circle and they will always feed each other business.

Find the people who will support you and be the one that supports them. Look for the ones that you like and trust. If you wouldn’t have them at your house for dinner then why would you want to be around them? Find the ones that share the same values and work ethics that you hold dear. Look for the people that bring your value up. This is where the numbers don’t count as much as the quality of the number. A strong small force with quick reflexes will beat a larger slow unresponsive force twice its size every time.

Once you have your Circle of Influence, the work doesn’t stop. The garden analogy holds well here. For a garden to thrive, it needs to be tended to in a variety of ways. Water, sun, and shade are important, but other work needs to be done. Weeding, trimming, and let’s not forget the pest control. There are always forces about to pull the other way. Remember, this is your garden (your Circle), and tending it correctly benefits you with a strong crop, and the garden flourishes. You have to work with your circle as you go about your business and personal life. It becomes part of you because you want to be part of a strong force. Think of the circle as being your own sales force. They are there to help you, and of course, you are there to help them. Rising tides lift all the boats.

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