Client Services

PhillWill takes a systematic approach to connect clients with prospects that have been pre-qualified and will be expecting your call. PhillWill gives clients warm permission-based leads with local prospects that the client has identified as the target customer.  PhillWill also gives you the opportunity to be in two places at one time by being your representative at networking events or business functions around town.

Critical Connections

You need to talk to the right people – qualified prospects that are decision makers, but getting past the gatekeepers can be a challenge. PhillWill solves that problem for you by creating warm leads that have been qualified and are expecting your call.

Each week I am active at local meetings, networking events, and business functions building relationships and helping people. As I discuss ways to help their business, I always uncover pain points that my clients can help overcome.

You’ll know it’s working because you’ll meet with local prospects that make the most sense to you. They will be expecting your call and know why you are calling. PhillWill is your walking, talking Google Ad!

board meeting


A new, high-profile restaurant was preparing to come to Fredericksburg, and a local Architect/Designer needed an opportunity to get in front of them. Despite their experience, references, and portfolio of work, they could not get their calls returned. Using my connections, I was able to make an introduction for them, and they closed the deal a few weeks later. Now they have a successful project, a Client with excellent potential for repeat business, and a job that looks great in their portfolio!

Business Representation

There are many networking and business functions throughout the day. Evening meetings and networking functions cut into your important family time. Even when your schedule is flexible you still can’t be in two places at one time. These missed opportunities for exposure limit your ability to grow your business.

PhillWill solves this problem through experienced, friendly, professional representation. I’ll represent you actively and warmly, ask the right questions of any contacts, and have qualified prospects expecting your call.

representation at expos


A local client understood the importance of being a member of the Chamber of Commerce, but did not have the staff to be involved to fully take advantage of all that membership offers. They also needed to be present at an industry exclusive networking group and other local associations to establish relationships.  I was able to be there to represent my client, build those relationships and pass quality warm leads, one in particular was a multi-office business that is changing their brand and all exterior signage.

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