How to Choose a Business Networking Group

Every Sales Manager will tell you about the ABCs, (Always Be Closing) and every sales rep should know that they must always be networking to have the opportunity to sell. The one thing to remember: be careful of your time. Networking incorrectly and you could network...

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Closing Techniques

Every sales manager will tell you about the ABCs: Always Be Closing. The close is not only done at the end. Yes, you close the deal at the end, but you need to be closing throughout the process so that when presented with the proposal, the prospect signs on the line...

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Eight Steps to Close the Sale

Is your role in the company sales driven? Would you like to close more business? Are you someone that wants to learn and do better at closing the deal? Then keep on reading this post. There is a systematic approach to everything that is good in life, and yes, closing...

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